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Friends of the Library gathered to honor Shirley Huberty and Sally Tuttle for their years of dedication in support of Calaveras County libraries. Pru Starr, FOTCCL President, introduced guests from both families in attendance: Sally's relatives included Mae Cowgill, Cinee & Dick Cowgill, Lexie Kalbach, Mia O'Neal, and Ragian Tuttle; Shirley's relatives included Steve Pargett, Ronald & Shari Pargett, Batricia Goshorn, and Earl Withycombe.

Janet Dock from Mokelumne Hill FOTL, Lexie Kalback (Sally's granddaughter), and Jack Garamendi spoke in honor of Sally. They recalled her great love of the library, and her effort to raise $700,000 in matching funds which helped to build the library that now bears her name. Sally was also very involved with reviving the Moke Hill library branch, after its closure in 1985, helping to renovate the building where the branch remains open today. Jack finished by reading a poem, 'To Be of Use' by Marge Piercy, recalling Sally's incredible work ethic.

Bob Dean (former FOTCCL President), Cliff Edson, Don Cuneo, and County Librarian Nancy Giddens (on behalf of long-time library worker Lunn Cuneo) spoke in honor of Shirley. They highlighted her hard work to create the beautiful landscaping around the main branch, and her 26 years volunteering as Treasurer for FOTCCL.  They also noted the beautiful garden - Tessa Bella - Shirley created at her own home, which was the setting for many successful library fundraisers over the years. Bob noted that, thanks to the efforts of Shirley and Sally, Calaveras library patrons enjoy a level of service comparable to library branches in places with populations three times the size of our little county.

The afternoon closed with County Librarian Nancy Giddens reading the official Proclamation before everyone was ushered out front for a sparkling cider toast as Shirley Huberty and Sally Tuttle's granddaughter, Mia O'Neal, revealed the new lettering for our Calaveras County Library, Huberty - Tuttle Building!

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  • June 15th

FREE! All ages welcome from 1-3pm.

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This year's theme is "Reading Takes You Everywhere!"

June 1st to August 1st, pick up a reading log at any Calaveras County Library branch and check out some great books. Just six hours of reading earns a ticket to LEGOLAND! More great prizes available for other benchmarks, too...

Presenting the Huberty - Tuttle Building!

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Moke Hill Occasional Speaker Series

Sunday, May 27th, 3pm at Moke Hill Library

Irene Perbal, resident of Mokelumne Hill, will present her early life in Holland under Nazi occupation. With slides and personal knowledge she will tell of her and her family's harrowing experience hiding Jewish friends in their house "… in spite of the Nazi's warning that whomever helped a Jew would be treated like one. In 1942 the Gestapo invaded our house, my father was taken with them [the Jews] to a concentration camp."

Follow her family's endurance while learning history from first-hand experience. This is the first part of Irene's unusual life to be presented in the Occasional Speaker Series. Part two will be her "new" life in the Belgium Congo, 1946 to 1960.

​This event is FREE, but donations are welcome! Light refreshment will be provided.