Murphys Library Spotlight:

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Katherine (Kathi) Joye is our local author featured for March:

We do not presently have Kathi's books in our library catalog, but you can purchase them through her website.

Friends of the Library

Kudos to the cast of Valley Springs' 2017 Melodrama,         "The Pirate's Treasure," written by Don Urbanus.

Kidnapped by pirates, Windy and Richard Westerfield are imprisoned by the evil Captain Crook and his crew. They will walk the plank if they don't tell where their buried treasure is.

Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan has his own designs on the treasure, the pirate's ship, and the girl. Zelda, a gypsy with sticky fingers, figures she can get the treasure for herself. Not to be outdone, Captain Sally Forth and her crew of women pirates, the Wild Windjammers, which includes a large talking parrot, intend to get the treasure.

​Can Captain Peter Spam save poor Windy all by himself, or will he need help? With everyone out to get the treasure, will we ever find out why pirates always say "arrr"?

Science Projects!

Copperopolis Library SPRING BOOK SALE!

Mon - Thurs, April 3 - 6

Noon - 4pm each day

Hundreds of titles on sale from .25 to $2.00

First 5 Calaveras & FOTL present Storytime Spring Celebration!

​For kids ages 1-5, enjoy music, books, and spring-themed crafts.​

Calaveras County

Now on display at San Andreas library until the end of March.

​​April 26th, 2017

10:30 - 11:45am

at San Andreas Library

Spring forward: April

ELEVEN teams have signed up to participate, and your libraries are busy putting together some fantastic raffle prizes! Hope to see you there.

Trivia Time!