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WEST POINT: ​The branch is planning again to give books to 6th graders. They will have another children's party on July 15th with a Pirates & Princesses theme.


Don't miss the 50th Anniversary events, happening May 23rd - 28th, culminating with their annual Memorial Day Book Sale. Authors for both children's and adult books are planned to attend.  The branch is also looking for someone to help with Summer Seminars.


​The new mural in the children's area was revealed with a Spring Storytime Celebration. Plans for the 'Secret Garden' on June 17th ​are coming along - looking for raffle items. The branch is also planning a book sale/yard sale event. Landscapers have been working to clean up the grounds, and a crew from the Sheriff's department came to help with the Sally Tuttle garden.


Murphys library held a very nice appreciation brunch for volunteers & staff early in April. Dressup Day was very successful, with about 40 parents & kids attending. The monthly author spotlight series is continuing on their website. 

Branch Reports

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The branch is continuing its Rubber Ducky book program, with ducks dressed in different costumes.  Each time a book is checked out, the child collects a new duck; the challenge is to collect all the different ones.


The Melodrama raised $10,000! The branch will not have a kids' day in the park this year. They are looking forward to hosting a Christmas Open House, and being in the Christmas parade. They are also planning to hire a landscaper to clean up the front area.


The branch will have their writers' workshop the first weekend of June. Their FOTL meets quarterly (so will not have a monthly update). Children's projects are going well!

Storytime is back! Fridays at 10:30 with Cora Broglio. Cora is an experienced teacher and mother of 2 little ones. She’s already put a lot of time planning her stories and crafts to match. Each month will be a different theme and April is Dinosaurs.

 We got our new “Read-a-Round” couch in the children’s area, and it’s been a big hit. It holds books and toys, and is a welcoming spot for the little ones to sit and read. One mother said that her daughter really likes to pick one of the books from it, where before she was hesitant to grab one. Great success!

On April 13, the AC Friends held an Open House to honor the library volunteers. This is something they do every year and goes along with National Library Week. It was well attended.

With Summer Reading this year, we’re going to try something called Library Bingo. This can be played both with children and adults, and in English and Espanol. On the Bingo cards are various activities to do, and when you do 5 in a row you get a prize. The fun will start the week after school gets out.

 We’re happy here at our branch to offer more new books than we used to, because of the increased cataloging staff at the main library. Onward and upward…