The Adult Literacy Program of Calaveras County is part of California Library Literary Services - a statewide program. With your support, Friends of the Calaveras County Library has been an advocate and financial contributor to Calaveras Adult Tutoring - the only adult literacy program in Calaveras County.

Services are confidential and free of charge. These services are goal-oriented and individually tailored to personal needs; they also recognize and actively support the role a parent may play as a child's most important teacher. The program is designed to improve overall well-being through life-enriching topics:

  • EDUCATION - Improve reading, writing, spelling, and math with personal tutoring. You can also get help with studying for a GED.
  • EMPLOYMENT - Learn job search skills, including building a resume and writing cover letters, interviewing skills, and computer basics.
  • FINANCIAL AWARENESS - Learn about personal banking, budgeting, managing credit, and saving or investing your money.
  • NUTRITION - Explore how eating habits affect our lives, and how they can support a healthy mind & body.
  • FITNESS - Discover current fitness information and where to find fitness programs for all ages.
  • HEALTHCARE - Get help with reading and understanding medical terms and labels on medicines and supplements.

Since 1998, hundreds of adults have enrolled in Calaveras Adult Tutoring to improve their literacy skills. For more information, or to meet with a personal tutor, call the Literacy Program for Calaveras County at 209-754-6006

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The Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program  matches adult mentors with local young people. Mentors provide consistent, one-on-one support to Calaveras youth in achieving their goals and reaching their potential. The Mentoring Program provides group activities, and ongoing training and support for mentors. Mentors and mentees develop friendships that can last a lifetime!

  • MENTORS are safe, reliable, caring adults who want to make a positive difference in the life of a child. Volunteers are fully screened and trained before they are matched with a young person. If you are a dependable, nonjudgmental adult who genuinely likes children and has two hours a week to share, consider becoming a mentor.
  • MENTEES are motivated Calaveras County young people in 1st - 12th grades who want to make a new friend and enjoy new experiences. Being matched with a mentor is a privilege and a lot of fun! Mentees come from all walks of life and must be recommended to the Mentoring Program by a youth service professional.
  • FRIENDSHIPS between mentors & mentees are based on common interests and life experiences. Matches commit to spending at least two hours a week together for at least one year. Mentors & mentees decide when they will meet and what they will do together: go for a hike; cook a meal; visit the library; play a board game; plant a garden... and join in fun Mentoring Program activiites.

You can schedule a brief orientation to the program before you decide if mentoring is right for you. Or, you can support the Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program in other ways as a volunteer, or with a donation. Business owners and service providers can also become Mentor Rewards Partners by offering discounts to mentors & mentees while they are out together. For more information, call 209-736-6078.

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