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June 2017:
Summer Reading; Scholarship awards; Book Review; More...

May 2017:

Suggested websites; News from Angels Camp; Book Review; 

SPRING 2017:
​News from  FOTL President, Your Librarian, and Library Commission;

Mar 2017: 
Libraries & Food; Branch reports; Tutoring;

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Feb 2017:
Why I Read; Book Reviews; Branch Highlights;

​WINTER 2017

New Year's Resolutions; Branch Highlights; Book Club in a Bag; 

Nov 2016:

Being Thankful; Book Reviews; Baby Llama puppets;

FALL 2016 - Premier Issue

General Meeting; branch highlights; from Your Librarian; ​



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Current Issue - July/Aug 2017: Branch updates; Annual Meeting info; Summer Reading; Calaveras Adult Tutoring; more...

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